GIVE the Gift of Coffee!

Give a Coffee Club Player Box: Starting at $29.99Give a Coffee Club Player Box: Starting at $29.99
Give a Coffee Club Team Box: Starting at $74.99Give a Coffee Club Team Box: Starting at $74.99

Order by July 9th

All coffee boxes will be shipped by July 16th, in order to deliver your delicious coffee with maximum freshness!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is all included in the coffee boxes?

You’ll receive 3 different coffees from one amazing Canadian roaster each month. You’ll receive three 4oz or 12oz bags of fresh, ethically sourced, whole coffee beans. You decide how much coffee you want! Each month we’ll send you coffee from a different roaster, along with tasting notes on the month’s coffee.

How do the coffee boxes get received?

We ship our coffee boxes with Canada Post. So, you or your recipient should receive their coffee box in their community mailbox.

Can I send multiple gift boxes to multiple addresses?

You bet! After you’ve added your gift boxes to your cart, you can add multiple shipping addresses upon checkout.

Is this a recurring subscription?

Our gift boxes are not recurring subscriptions. We will deliver your gift coffee box monthly for how ever months you’ve purchased.

When does the gift ship out and arrive?

We ship out our coffee by the 16th of every month. Your coffee box should arrive within 5 business days.

How fresh is the coffee when it arrives?

From the time that your coffee is roasted to the time it arrives in your mailbox should be 7-10 days.

Where do you ship to?

We currently only ship in Canada.